Friday 17 February 2012

I'm late , I'm late

You will be standing on your head reading my blog today . The photo,s came out in a different order to how I intendedbecause my post disappeared twice but came back . I didn't want to start all over a third time so please look at the pictures and try to make a head and tail out of it all.

this is the other side of my black bag .i like doing and embellishing crazy patchwork . I made this about 2 years ago . I've been digging deep .

I've changed and written my blog twice and it has dis appeared before I finished it.

I'll now explain as I can see the photo's

The Blue Bag
This is a bag I made and gave to my friend bluebell . I haven't seen it used so perhaps it is too flash for her .

The Black Bag

This is the back and front of a bag i made about 2 years ago . I like this bag so much I haven't used it yet for shopping . It's time it had an airing so the next sunny day !!!

Even this blog is not coming out as intended , you are seeing the same side twice

This is what I made from a pattern in the magazine I am now buying . It's a case for my glasses . I think the back of it is on a post that disappeared before I could get it all sorted .

No!! on scrolling down I see all is in order . Nice one Mr Blogger

Just like the white rabbit in Alice in wonderland . I.m late . I said I would post a pic, of what I had made from a free pattern in my new magazine . This is the front and back of the glasses case .


MyCretanlife said...

Very nice, all the pictures seem to be there like the spec case.

Meanqueen said...

The new way of posting is very confusing, I am having a heck of a job getting my photo's in the right order. I have found out you can drag them into position without going into the html mode. Your bags are lovely.

Aunty Bee said...

Bags are great, but love the glasses case, I need at least 3, I must look for a pattern.Your always inspirational.

Mac n' Janet said...

Really lovely bags, I don't think the blue one is too flash at all, the colors are gorgeous.

Chris H said...

Those bags are AMAZING... the blue one is to die for!
You are one clever wee tart!

Solstitches said...

Your bags and the glasses case are gorgeous.
I'm not sure how I ended up on your blog but I'm glad I discovered you.