Friday 3 February 2012


NO , not an ice palace as such , it's my fish pond . I was concerned knowing that we were in for a frosty night . 8, o clock this morning when it was light enough I made it priority to check on my fish . I cannot see them so they must be o,k .

I saw a pic,. on a blog this week of 2 little girls winding wool . I ask the blog owner could I take it . Yes was the answer . I took the pic but it must be somewhere in my laptop .

In the meantime here is the real thing on canvas

It is the Henry Moore line drawing of Women winding Wool .

I shall look for the little girl pic,. later.


Jo said...

I have lots of memories of holding the skein for my grandmother to wind off the wool (and it WAS wool back then) into a ball.

cottonreel said...

Yes real wool, I love the feelof knitting with wool.
I have a yearning to own a spinning wheel and spin my own wool

Chris H said...

Brrrr it must be rather cold at your place!

cottonreel said...

Yes, it's cold alright . The ice on the pond was 3" thicker this morning than yesterday . I used warm water to make a hole in the ice