Monday 2 January 2012

Times , they are changing

My two son's have always said my home is full of junk . It isn't really because I'm quite selective what kind of junk I aquire . One said he wasn't going to trim his house for christmas but changed his mind on seeing my three trees and all kinds of christmas stuff . He went home with lots from my house to decorate his sitting room .

Both D,I,Laws oohd and aahd . That made me feel good .

Today I have been putting stuff carefully away for next year but I still have lots to do .


Piece by Piece said...

I didn't put a lot of Christmas decorations out because I was not home an lot during the holidays and did not entertain any family at my home this year. What was I put out for me has now been packed away for next year.
Christmas 2012, I will be having family for dinner, so will go all out then.

Chris H said...

I love pretty little things too ... which makes for clutter!
I'm sure you will get all your decorations put away soon.