Tuesday 17 January 2012

Beauty in the eye of the beholder

When the scrap box is overflowing make a scrappy quilt .

This is made from pieces that might otherwise be thrown out because they match nothing and are too small and of an odd shape to do anything with .

I seldom throw out scraps.

I have started to do bits of embroidery and adding lace to turn it from an ugly duckling into a swan .

It would never win a competition but I like it . I suppose that is all that matters .


my cup of tea said...

I love it! I made 2 like this using red-white and blue fabrics for my boys. Easy and fun!

Pokey said...

How pretty! A great use of the tiny stuff, and doesn't it give us more justification to keep ALL scraps!?!

Jo said...

I like it too : )

Lee Prairie Designs said...

I love this idea too! How do you do this...is there a pattern or instructions? I am one to use up scraps too!

Carolyn :)