Wednesday 18 January 2012


Today I'm up the creek without a paddle .
I ordered a Pat Winter magazine beginning December .I had forgotten about it until bluebell jogged my memory . It comes via publisher Magcloud . I had kept the email telling me of confirmation , but inadvertantly must have deleted the confirmation email that contained the order number , so being up the creek without a paddle , the paddle being my order no,.

I have searched around looking for elusive sign that says email us from the Pat Winter site and the Magcloud site

It seems I have also complicated the matter by emptying the recycle bin

I reckon it's £10 flying up up and away


Elizabethd said...

At the bottom of the Magcloud page there is a Help button. If you click on that the next page has a Contact us button.
Hope it works!

cottonreel said...

Thanks for the info ,. re Magcloud . Because I deleted the email with the order no ,I get nowhere . The order no,. and email address has to be noted .