Thursday 5 January 2012

No leisurley stroll today

Very scary in my part of the world today , MARCH High Winds , APRIL showers , and in between a little light relief with a show of sunshine . When I say showers I should say torrential rain and the wind is really scary . The occasional burst of sunshine I can cope with .

I think today I have earned my blogging time , no guilt . I've had a good clean up after the dismantling of christmas . This afternoon I shall sew , perhaps read . This is before I blitz the bench in the garage where I have stacked the boxes of christmas paraphenalia before relagating it to the loft but that is for Saturday .

I have prepared my lunch of ham salad with waldorf , olives and artichoke hearts and a very sinful bread and butter pudding with custard to follow . No guilt trips today at all.

I saw a wonderful blog a few days ago . The blogger is a crocheter . Her work is absolutely beautiful . I like doing crochet , I have several quilty pieces to finish before starting anything else but I'm tempted .


Chris H said...

Well done on getting all the Xmas stuff almost away.
I crocheted once... made about 8 big blankets in a chevron pattern, and never did it again.
I doubt I can even remember how to.

Aunty Bee said...

It's nice to get Christmas packed away, the lunch sounds delicious, I love bread and butter pud.