Monday 18 April 2011

Woe is me

Bluebell has decided I must lose weight . The mere thought makes my rolls of fat tremble . When people talk about smaller portions I immediately feel desperately hungry . I love a good breakfast , elevenses , lunch, tea and cake in the afternoon , and to round off the day , my dinner. I won,t even know where to start cutting down. She says no fat but I like butter , I cannot compomise by eating margarine , Is there anything that will work quickly apart from breathing in .


Sarah Jane said...

If you find out, please let me know!!!
I think it is the most difficult thing to do but maybe you could start by cutting out the elevenses, then the cake in the afternoon. I know, it is horrible just thinking about it. Good luck!

Aunty Bee said...

Good luck, my doctor has made the same suggestion to me. I think I'll try the less red meat, more fish and chicken,vege and fruit and don't worry about the carbs diet he suggested. It unfortunately comes with a large exercise component. We shall see what happens or in my case what doesn't.

Pattypan said...

Hi Cottonreel

Everything in moderation with lots of walking. Its a good all round exercise. How about exchanging a piece of fresh fruit for the slice of cake chilled melon that you can take from the fridge in a nibble box, or a kiwi fruit, or a couple of strawberries. Full of natural sugar that won't impinge on what you eat. How about changing to a butter spread, a soft version of water, but not spreading it on so thickly, or if having a moist filling in the sandwich don;t put any spread on. Noodles and roasted vegetables and a chilli sauce, or if you must have meat something light like chicken or turkey - prawns are high in cholesterol so if you can steer away from them. Main meals fish done in the microwave is nice with say a parsley sauce, made from low fat milk. There is lots you can do. The trick is to feel full on the lowest amount of fat possible. Wishing you every success - even if you start off with only trying to lose 7lbs. Food is not fattening its what you do to it that makes it so. Good luck we are all rooting for you.

Take care


Scrappy quilter said...

Hope it works out for you. Hugs

Jane said...

Try Atkins diet - VERY few carbs, mainly salad stuff - but as much meat, fish, eggs, cheese and cream as you like. I lost 2 stone in 2 months. Try it for a week and you'll be convinced! :O)

lizzie said...

Try Weight Watchers; its the only thing that works for me. Set yourself a target and go until you lose it and then give it a break for a six months then start again.
Walking is great but it wont make you lose weight, only a calorie controlled diet can do that.
I have lost a stone since January with another stone to lose. Can t tell you how much better I feel.