Thursday 7 April 2011

Every minute counted

Making every minute count was the order of the day yesterday . I woke at 6,30 , tea to get my brain into gear,and a bowl of cereal . I sat in the sunshine and did a little red work embroidery on my Raggedy Anne quilt. I felt guilty sewing so early in the morning , so jeaned and booted out into the garden I went . I did some more on the reclaimed path and some general tyding of the borders . Myself and bluebell had an appointment at 1,40 so a clean up, sit down to draw breath and lunch . 1,o,clock we set off . After the app,was over we decided a call at our fave, garden centre . A few £s lighter we decided a call at another of our garden centres to look for plants the 1st garden centre didn,t have . Namely Fox gloves and phlox . Duly purchased by this time energy was flagging so into the tea room for tea and carrot cake , very nice it was too . More income disposed of . Well the saying is " you can,t take it with you" . Homeward bound , plants unloaded , watered and placed in the shade until planted .. By this time exhaustion was setting in . It was a beautiful day , 20 deg !! it was like a midsummer day. We were going out in the evening to our monthly quilters meeting . Not to be missed . Jennie Rayment was the speaker , definately not to be missed I decided to retire to my bedroom , by this time it was 4.30 and bluebell was calling for me at 6.30 . Bluebell said she also had done the same thing . No good going to a quilt meeting tired . Our speaker was on top form , she was very good , laughter all the way . Meeting ended , home after a very intensive day .


Elizabethd said...

Our day was just as hot, and after doing some much needed weeding, I had to go indoors to recover!
How lovely to have such an interesting talk at your meeting.

Diane said...

Phew!! You wore me out!!! xxxx

Scrappy quilter said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me. I'm envious that you have already been to the gardening market and bought flowers. We won't be doing that here until June 1st!! Hugs