Saturday 2 April 2011

Keeping Busy

Such a busy 2 days but so rewarding . I needed a change of tea cosy , I changed my kitchen curtains from blue to red so I made a red teacosy to co ,ordinate the look . The piece of fabric was about a £1 . I cannot remember exactly , I had other fabric too . Strawberry season coming along so a few to trim . Yesterday I was blog browsing and found a blog I hadn,t seen before . Bumble beans , it,s lovely . The blog owner is Victoria , she makes beautiful quilts from scraps . Ah !! I have lots of scraps ,! so I set too and produced 9 blocks over a period of about 9 hours on and off . These are they laid out on my bed waiting for sashing . It will make a fair size lap quilt . The scrap box doesn,t seem to have gone down at all .

If you decide to have a go this will be the mess you surround yourself with .


Elizabethd said...

You do work fast. It would take me a week to do what you have done. It does look very attractive.

Angela said...

That rectangular tea cosy is so sensible- it will fit more than one sort of pot! One of these days I must drop round for a cuppa!!

Aunty Bee said...

Wonderful tea cosy, I love strawberries, real and made ones. The quilt is lovely, I'm sure scraps bred in captivity, which is why your stash doesn't look like it's reduced.

Anonymous said...

I love the tea cozy!!! Adorable!!
Hugs, Diane