Wednesday 27 April 2011

Two pics, taken the day we went to see the bluebells . Jill could not resist taking this one of me climbing the stile but I,m a sort of not bothered person . I don,t mind you seeing me in all my glory . When I lose the extra weight I,ll perhaps be able to leap frog over the stile instead of climbing .

This is madam bluebell . As you can see she is much more ladylike . A real poser . She is posing in bed this last few days . She has an attack of the vapours . Ah well !! get well soon .

we have had 2 really cold days but the sun is shining again now .


Jane said...

There's nothing quite like an English bluebell wood and apparently they grow nowhere quite so well as they do in England. I too was in a bluebell wood on Easter Sunday and have put a pic as the header on my blog. I wonder, do you ever go to Swithland Woods at bluebell time? I used to attend the bluebell service in those woods early evewry May when I lived in Leicester and have many happy memories of childhood trips there with my brothers and parents.

Chris H said...

Lol at your friend having an attack of the vapours! Just what is that anyway?