Sunday 17 April 2011

Spring ,spring ,and more spring

Such a busy time of the year , but I,m busy doing nothing ,just staring at the garden . I have seven treees in blossom in varying degrees , some are just going over others are in full bloom .

The bramley apple is just taking on its glory ,the pear is full of wonderment . The sparrows flutter in and out among it,s branches causing the petals on the blossom to fall . It,s like being at a wedding and confetti being thrown . A new tree planted , a flowering Almond even gave a good show of what it will be like next year . A sweet cherry ,not very big but always gives lovely juicy fruit . We bought it as a cordon but my husband used to say it wasn,t natural to use a tree that wayso it grows as an upright. The two crab apple trees are just smothered in frothy blossom , one in my back garden the other at the front of my home where other people can admire it . a newly planted victoria plun is just coming into leaf but no blossom as yet and an ornamental tree that I cannot remember the name of has now shed its finery . Besides all this the rest of the garden is like a painting with spring bulbs and flowers in abundance .I seem to spend many hours looking out on this glorious sight .

Not only the flowers , the birds are so busy . I don,t get all the wonderful birds that others around me do but ,sparrows, starlings ,blackbirds and a couple of resident robins seem to hang around .,wouldn,t it be fascinating if we knew what they were on about . they are so noisy in their conversation .

This time of the year passes so quickly , I don,t feel guilty sitting around . I sit sewing, reading and just enjoying this special time of the year .


Jane said...

Your garden sounds heavenly! I envy you being able to sit and look at it - I can sit for 2 minutes before I see yet something else that I need to do, but tiring tho it is I'd rather be working in the garden than doing housework :O)

Aunty Bee said...

how lovely to be sitting in the sun listening to the birds and watching your garden bloom. We are expecting snow down to low levels tomorrow and 10c. Good thing I put the electric blanket on the bed.

Scrappy quilter said...

Oooh I'd love to sit in your garden and enjoy a cup of tea with you. Hugs

Elizabethd said...

I so agree with you, it is such a special time of year...all new beginnings.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE April in England!
Hugs, Diane