Friday 1 April 2011

A Little Knowledge

Believe me this title doesn,t mean a thing . I have been fishing around on my laptop , pressed a few things here and there and lo and behold I changed my blog !!! I have no idea what I did but it looks o,k and I didn,t lose anything . I was really looking to add buttons of blogs I love to read , blogs that let me take their patterns and B,O,M . I did not achieve doing that and dare not go back and have another go in case everything changes again , so , how do I add a button? Beautiful day yesterday , Bluebell and I just sat in the sunshine gossiping , she came for coffee and we sat and ate delicious brownies . A new recipe that bluebell had cooked. We sat and admired each others sewing , looking over scraps of fabric and really doing nothing at all . I showed bluebell the blog of Bumble Beans . She makes lovely colourful quilts out of scraps . She has a very extensive blog and for me is an absolute delight . Such a clever girl , pop over there and admire the view . No plans for today , it,s cold . Yesterday March really did go out like a Lion .


Angela said...

I love the picture of the bird and birdhouse- but I cannot read the bit underneath, it is white on white on my monitor- I know it says Cottonreels at the ready, create..... but what comes after that please? I have squinted, and adjusted my light and looked at it sideways, and I still cannot finish the sentence. It's driving me nuts!!!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Keep those scraps! They make lovely quilts! ;-)

Scrappy quilter said...

So glad you had a wonderful time with your dear friend. Hugs

Angela said...

Ah, that's better! I can read it clearly now!
And thank you for telling me about Low Woods- it looks like a treasure trove of goodies- I shall have to make time ot visit in the Easter Holidays.
blessings x