Sunday 20 June 2010


I,ve had a bright aura of happiness around me this week, it,s the summer solstice and we are supposed to be re,energised at this time . It,s working for me .

Last week I had new vynil laid on the kitchen floor , for the vynil to be laid all the furniture had to be removed . Bluebell and I dismantled the pine dresser and with much huffing , puffing and ouch my toes , tipping it on it,s end , lifting it and putting it down we managed to get it into the garage .

I must back track a bit . Thurs,. 4th June bluebell came . Just a cup of coffee and a suggestive biscuit . Bluebell suggested "what this kitchen needs is ------- , !!! I said " I think I need some new stuff on my kitchen floor " Mmm , we mulled it over , bluebell said "lets go " , so we went two villages away to look see what Mr Potter had at his emporium . After much cogitating . I chose and paid for the stuff . "Could you do it this afternoon " I ask . "Ooooh no " he said , but yes , Friday morning , "you will have to get all the furniture out . O.k no problem . The real problem was enough pots and pans to fill a kitchenalia dept,. store . They were put in the garage , the sitting room , the conservatory , anywhere there was a spare bit of floor .

That sorted bluebell said "what are you going to do about the dresser ? are you having it back in " ? . Well David and Alison gave me the dresser , it,s Ducal pine ,they didn,t want it back , do what you like with it . The auction place didn,t want it . "No call for brown furniture these days .

I said to bluebell " I,ll paint it". So we called at B&Q , I bought the best paint available 'Crown and Rose' shsde tapestry green . Over the course of the week I have been giving the bottom half 3 undercoats and up to now 2 topcoats of paint . Yesterday my neighbour and his son put the bottom half of the dresser back in the kitchen for me . It,s looking good so far . I have just seen similar in the Country living magazine for £3,000 plus . I,m happy , I,m on a roll . Now I shall be on the hunt for pots that are decorated with roses . The family will be saying "more junk" , who cares ? not me .

Thurs,. 4th June started as an ordinary day. Beware your friend coming for coffee .Once when she came we ended up stripping my lovely toille de jouy wallpaper off the bedroom wall . "you can do so much more with plain white walls "said she . Another time the sitting room had a makeover from Greek classic to an ecletic mix of shabby chic with some of the old stuff mixed in . I,m going to start calling at her house for morning coffee .

Can you imagine , bluebell always carries a copious shopping bag . (a latter day Mary Poppins) . I have never looked in it but it is heavy . I think it contains paint scrapers, screw drivers etc,.

The next project will be a search for pots decorated with roses .
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Kathy said...

Sounds like Bluebell is always prepared! I would love to see the finished dresser. It sounds wonderful and what fun to be able to enjoy such adventures with such a good friend!

Bunny said...

Can't wait to see the finished product. It is always fun to redecorate.

MyCretanlife said...

Can't wait to see the finished refurbishments esspecialy the dresser with it's rosey china.
Tell me how did you find a greek husband? I have not been to Cyprus, did you live out there?

Piece by Piece said...

Love to see photos of the finished dresser.

Elizabethd said...

Oh please!

cottonreel said...

Of course photo,s will be published all in good time .--cottonreel

Bluebell said...

Whats in my bag is my business but I am always prepared.
Love Jillxx