Monday 21 June 2010

Well prepared

I was up really early today , the sun is shining and although the weather forcast is cloudy it is beautiful . That early morning smell of earth and flowers .
I made porridge for my breakfast today , a bit thicker than usual . bluebell is back from her holiday , I need the stamina of a hearty bowl of porridge . She rang last night for a gossip and to enquire how work on the dresser is going . She talked of rubbing down and waxing . I can feel she will be round with that big bag .
I sat reading two Country living mags,. circa June 1991 and july 1991 . These are out of my archives . Wow! those orange walls that were the in thing that went under the name of terracotta , and tapestry furniture , and the recipes that must be nightmares to heart surgeons today .
The blog today is red because it,s a red letter day . Bluebells back .


Jenny said...

I know what you mean about terracotta! Have a lovely day.

Karen said...

I thought only Goldilocks and the Three Bears ate porridge. LOL! Is it like oatmeal?

Jane said...

Oi, look here Madam - terracotta may be passe but Tuscan Blush is cool. Other than that it's indistinguishable from terracotta. So nur