Tuesday 29 June 2010

Tonight I,m on Sentry duty

Last night I sat in my conservatory doors wide open , complacently thinking all was well with my world , when suddenly , a cheeky little mouse was strolling on my patio as if it owned the joint .
I shall be looking out for it tonight ,but , if it turns up there is nothing I can do . I can hardly chase it with the brush . I fervantly hope it will find somewhere else to play . It is so nice to sit with the doors open .
More planting done in my garden this morning . Two tubs planted with white flowers . Last Saturday bluebell and myself went to Mkt Bosworth it,s two villages away . They were having their annual open day , I bought a white lace cap hydrangea ,it is now turning a blush pink , lots of flowers, I shall keep it in the pot till later in the year then transplant it in the garden . I shall then have six in my back garden and one in my front . They are such beautiful plants ,they give a good show over a long period .
Bluebell has just popped round with some cuttings and small plants so tomorrow a bit more potting . Now it,s almost nine o,clock , I shall have coffee and a mars bar to fortify myself for the mouse vigil . I,m desperately hoping it has a date somewhere else .


By Hoki Quilts said...

Ewww, micies. Much harder to evict that the dreaded Weka's.

Kathy said...

Maybe the little mouse would like a bite of that Mars bar and a little conversation. :)

Jane said...

In case you are concerned about mice having got into your conservatory and decide to put traps down, here's a tip from looooong experience - bait it not with cheese, but with a piece of apple which mice find irrestible.

Jenny said...

You need a cat!

Elizabethd said...

Maybe mouse will come and share your Mars Bar! It's probably a little harvest mouse just out for a stroll.