Wednesday 23 June 2010

New News , old news ,nothing changes

It,s a bit too hot and sticky to sew . I,ve been delving in my magazine stash . today I pulled out April 1996 Country Living , It,s referring to the oil spill from the Sea Empress that landed on the beaches between the bays of St Brides and Carmarthan . Are lessons ever learned .

The magazine stash competes with the fabric stash


Diane said...

I too am sitting in the garden sorting out my magazine stash. I have a neighbour who buys EVERY home & garden magazine going. She once put over 150 out to be recycled - I recycled them into my house!! Since then, she just passes them on. I love your blog - you are an ace quilter. I am just about to attempt a bit of patchwork for the first time in ages. xxxx

Jenny said...

You must have a great stash of magazines there Cottonreel! I wish I had kept a few more of mine to look back at.