Sunday 6 June 2010

Best laid plans

I,m sure for 2 weeks I have been brain dead , the heat ,! the garden ! yesterday was so hot I was useless , 3 lots of visitors , lovely , but at the end of the afternoon I was exhausted .

As I went for my stroll in the garden last night it was so humid I could feel the damp air settling on my body . I intended to do some blogging when I came in ,I just had time to email Silver Sewer and it started thundering so I switched off and went to bed to read instead . The rain was so welcome , it cooled everywhere down .

I think I have the garden sorted now , it will just need weeding once a week . Bluebell came to my rescue once again . I had a montana clematis in a large pot , this year it was obvious it wasn,t happy , I suspected ants in the pot . I dug a hole to plant it in the ground , bluebell enlarged the hole and between us we lifted the plant out of the pot , cor !!! there were ants and eggs galore , we cleaned the roots and I put boiling water to kill the nest , I know it was cruel but where are the birds when you have a banquet for them , I cannot bear ants .

Our village shop is next to useless . All this hot weather and about 6 small pots of ice cream in their fridge , but the day was saved , my son sent an ice cream machine to me as a present . The vanilla ice cream I made is mmm, mmm, I,m going to experiment with other flavours , the shop can keep it,s full of additive own brand small pots. Thank you Peter and Sue .

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Kathy said...

Homemade ice cream sounds wonderful at this time of year!