Wednesday 14 April 2010

Where O where

I have just written a post , it was published , I read it , but where has it gone !!!

Since this laptop was cleaned trying to get everything back running smoothly has been like a bad dream . Emails not coming in although the BT man said all was o,k now. Blogs going missing . I was up early especially to try to sort stuff out ,

The lovely relaxed feeling I had after my holiday is quickly disappearing . I want to sit sewing .


Unknown said...

your blog can't go missing, it's not on your computer - it's in bloglandxxx

Aunty Bee said...

I'm reading here in NZ so your not lost, your just floating out all over the world, which when you think about is very cool. sorry about the "cool" word, dates me doesn't it.

Sewn With Grace said...

So nice to hear from you today. I hope that your computer issues get worked out. There is nothing more frustrating than computer issues. I see all kinds of wonderful things on blogs that I would like to have on my own but have no idea how they do it. Have a blessed day today!

Barb said...

Hummmmmmmm that is so maddening..... Have fun sewing....if you can get to it???

Bluebell said...

You are such a drama queen, we soon found everything, now relax and sew.
Love Jillxx

Micki said...

Hope that your computer problems are resolved soon!