Sunday 25 April 2010

I Really didn,t Mean to

I must be getting trigger finger happy . I didn,t intend to put 3 pics,. on my blog , perhaps I,m getting clever . I was just going to show another flag cushion . This one is for bluebells,s son Andrew and his girl friend .

The top picture is a jug and bowl on my hall table , I,m sure of no interest to anyone except me . The second pic,.is on the wall in the kitchen, I keep little momentoes there, you might see something that came in the post from you!! I throw nothing out .

I,ve had a very busy day , I have planted 7 flower baskets , 1 tree , several pots with long beans that will be planted out mid to late May , I also planted a Hydrangea , the frost caught it before I planted it but I,m hoping it will be o.k.

I have been plaqued with wasp and hornets this weekend, they hang around the windows and the door trying to get in . Not only the house but the garage too .

The shirt quilt is almost finished , I will show it later in the week , Now? I,m going to have a cup of tea, a shower and put my nose in a book for an hour . Mmmmmm, on second thought I,ll look at a few blogs first .

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Barb said...

Glad you got trigger happy, enjoyed seeing the the pillow!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Miss Solomi! I hope you have no more frosts! Pesky thing, isn't it! Just when we hope winter's gone it rears it's biting head once again!

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I'm so glad that my photos stirred happy memories for you as you visited.

Blessings to you!

Unknown said...

lovely cushion, lovely kitchen wall and salt dough wreath!!!! another cheerful and sunny blog xx