Wednesday 21 April 2010

The Dress and a shirt tale

Do you remeber I wrote in a post last week in March how I went out to buy a non stick saucepan and on the way I bought a dress, well, this is the dress .
Bluebell was here so I ask her to take a photograph of the dress . A couple of my blogging friends said lets see the dress , so here it is . Funny though , no one ask to see the saucepan !!

Bluebell rang this morning asking did I want to go shopping . I had told her on Monday I had no diposable income left after my holiday . I was down to £25 .now I,m down to about £1.50 .Good grief .

We went on to the charity shops in search of blue and white striped mens shirts . I was widowed 5 years ago , I have only just been able to cut up my husbands shirts . I have made a quilt ,bluebell liked it so much and thought it a good idea , so the quest was on .She managed to get 4 very nice ones , I stood aside and let her have a pick first . I bought 2 blue and white stripe , because I fancy making another one in a different pattern . I shall need 2 more before I make a start . I also bought a red check one for another project .

We went to the hardware shop , I needed 3 baskets for plants , the ones with a flat side to fit to the wall , the one,s I had are now on the side of the raised fish pond, the fish are doing very well , all survived the winter and are now feeding again . I. also bought a packet of long beans , a pkt,. courgettes and a pkt,. of salad bowl lettuce seeds .

We had coffee and biscuits at Costa coffee for elevenses , went into a lovely craft shop . then went on to have lunch at another favourite haunt . That was our away day today .
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Catsngrams said...

Oh I love the dress. What a fun day. My friend and I are going to the city on Friday for a day very similar to yours. I love the new look in your yard. You are such an ambitious lady. Thanks for sharing. I have a giveaway check out my blog.

Bunny said...

You look so darn cute in that dress. Very pretty. I would love to see your blue and white quilt you made from shirt fabric. Sounds like you had fun.

Elizabethd said...

A very summery dress, looks lovely.
You had such a nice day together.

Unknown said...

hey you super model blogger! that is a smashing dress and you look so sunny and cheerful in it xxx froogs x

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Congratulations on being up and running on your computer again!
The dress looks lovely, and so does your garden in the background.

Piece by Piece said...

Love your dress.
You stretched your 1.50 a looong way to make those purchases, elevenses and lunch, so glad you had a wonderful day.

Beedeebabee said...

You look lovely in your pretty new dress! ... Are those your glasses I see in the birdbath? ;)
I love hearing about your jaunts with Bluebell. You two are such special friends! xo Paulette

cottonreel said...

Yes they are my specs on the bird bath,---cottonreel

Unknown said...

Hi cottonreel, thanks for the lovely remarks on my blog xx