Tuesday 8 December 2009

Rudolph the red faced reindeer

Do you remember I wrote that I had been into the loft to get the christmas decorations down only to find rudolph had been chewed on his bottom by a mouse?
His surgery is now complete ,and he has a blanket to preserve his dignity,Look at his next picture to see his recovery, in fact click on his picture .
His eyes are missing , they were 2 small beads,so if you see a mouse with 2 small beads either round his neck or on his ears just tell him or her we wantthem back please .


By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh, bless, all the wee mouse wanted was fresh eyes for Christmas, and a bit of stuffing too - watch out for your turkey!

Scrappy quilter said...

Now that is a clever fix!! Hugs

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

What a wonderful tale (pun intended!!!). Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I wanted to reply to your posts to me on my blog but for some reason you are a no reply blogger. I don't know how ot add you as a follower of my blog. I thought that was something you have to do?
Welcome to my blog and thanks for the lovely comments.
My email is posted on the blog in case you want to contact me.

Angela said...

Not seen the mouse - but we have had a Very Shifty Eyed Squirrel in our garden this past week [and I know I am only a few miles away from you] It is my belief the Rodents are ganging up on us!