Wednesday 16 December 2009

Blog eyed but happy

I have been blogging on and off most of the afternoon, and considering it is now 8 pm most of the evening .
I have caught up with a lot of blogs I looked at in the past, found a couple of friends I thought I,d lost.
I have spent most time looking at Robyn has a wonderful site and she is so generous with her tutorials . If you like crafting please pay her a visit , it will be enjoyable . I do have a lot and I mean a lot of bags around where I sit at night doing a bit of this and a few more sts,. in that but I,m going to forget all those things and make one of Robin,s little owls . I will post it about Friday .
I have made the first stage of the buckeye sweets to take to the Faith lunch tomorrow , I must now away to the kitchen to stuff dates with marzipan .


RG said...

Dear Cottonreel,
So glad you found me again and I'm so pleased that you enjoy visiting... after all it's what blogging is all about...sharing our journey with others.

Oh yes come and play our little owl game... Last day for entries is Aussie time (watch my blog clock) 19th Dec...
Have fun and will look forward to sharing in your little creation/s...
One is fun, but

PS Am posting as I cannot reply to your email.

Scrappy quilter said...

I'll be checking the blog out later today. Thanks for giving us the link. Hugs..