Sunday 20 December 2009

Out of the mouth of babe,s

Anyone who reads my blog will know I,m waiting for the plumber, It has bought back memories of an incident when I was living in Cyprus.
The taps for turning the water on and off were outside . If it was a block of flats there could be lots of taps .
Boys were a real pain, they would fill balloons with water to throw at each other. My friend was always calling over her balcony "Dimitri take your friends somewhere else for water and leave those taps alone " It always fell on deaf ears .
One day when I was with her she said "Right, I,m going to take a wrench down and turn the main tap off" down she went , I stood looking over the balcony waiting to see what would happen .About 8 boys stood looking at her wielding this spanner and turning the water off, one little angel voice says "Are you the PlumBer" with great accent on the letter B, I nearly fell over the balcony laughing . I shall never forget the seriousness of the question .


Unknown said...

Too funny!

Scrappy quilter said...

That is just hilarious!! Hugs and please stay warm as best you can.