Tuesday 15 December 2009

Gathering pace

On Thursday it is the faith lunch at my sewing group, I shall be searching the blogs for a recipe that is a little different . A few days ago I found a recipe for something called Buck Eyes .so I shall be making some of them, they are something I have not seen before . They will be my sweet contribution , the search is on for a savoury .


sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Just make some of your famous cheese straws, they should do nicely!!!

cottonreel said...

Good thinking. --cottonreel

Elizabethd said...

Buck eyes? I wonder if you will show us a photo!

Anonymous said...

Good day and thank you, gentle lady for stopping by my blog :)
Yours is lovely and I so love the mantle banner! I am glad to make your aquaintance and invite you to stop by for tea and chat anytime:)

Anonymous said...

Hello cottonreel, I'm so glad I found your lovely blog again! I used to have one called "Red Wellies, Rainbows & Cinnamon Whirls"...don't know if you remember me...but I have a new blog now. I'm really enjoying catching up with your lovely posts...love your Christmas bargains from last year...very pretty! :)

love, Tina :)

Awesome Andrew said...

in response to your comment about the snow! it's really easy .... here are the directions
Just add the following code to your Page Elements page as a HTML/JavaScript gadget. just copy and paste this code in there.

ok it's telling me i can't add the HTML you need to copy and paste! so email me and i'll send it to you! malindasdesigns@gmail.com :)

and there you have it! snow ! :)