Monday 28 September 2009


Shopping day today, It was lovely not to have to buy a huge amount . The two freezers are full and so is the store cupboard , but neverthe less we went up and down ,in and out , round and round . My poor toes felt crushed .

Standing in the car park bluebell saw me fiddling with the zip of my cardigan . "what are you doing " she ask . " I,ve caught the zip, and it won,t move I replied" "come here ", she said, next thing I know Swoosh ! she,d released the zip and her arm came up so quick it was only a bit of ducking and diving that saved me from having a right uppercut to the chin . for seconds we were both srartled and then almost collapsed laughing .

Another funny incident last week at the garden centre . We went to get winter pansies for my baskets . bluebell was holding the tray saying "have one this colour ,and have a yellow one , and here,s a purple " I looked at the selection she was choosing , " I would like some tweed ones "I said meaning multi colour . A man and wife were nearby also choosing pansies , he sidled up to bluebell and said "which are the tweed one,s " when she explained he said" I,ve never heard them called tweed " so we had a giggle and a joke with them . He went on his way asking "will you be here next week"


Barb said...


Scrappy quilter said...

What a wonderful friendship the two of you have. AWESOME!!

Searchfamilies said...

Zips just aren't what they use be if they don't jam they break
Hugs Janice

blushing rose said...

there is a problem with our blog, we are working on correcting it. We have you as a follower on the wrong one that we will be getting rid of ... please join me at the correct blog as a follower, as I don't want to lose you. TYSM. tTFN ~Marydon

Beedeebabee said...

That was funny Sweetie! I've never referred to them as tweed myself, but probably will in the future! Tweed pansies...hee hee hee! Hugs, :o)