Friday 25 September 2009

Scissor Fob

My friend Judit made a scissor fob like this and kindly passed the pattern to me, isn,t it pretty?
Today I,m mooching about waiting for a man to come and replace something to do with the boiler . I dare not go far in case I don,t hear the door bell . You know how it is when your waiting, wandering aimlessly , hand in the biscuit jar, another cuppa to pass the time, cannot settle to do anything useful . I could do some ironing , or sewing, or by looking around some much needed dusting and polishing .
We had a merry afternoon at the sewing group yesterday, lots of laughing . I wonder if the rest of the group would sit po faced if we were not there . I took my shabbyroses block to do then found I didn,t have my embroidery threads with me . bluebell knows I get restless with nothing to do so we left early and went grocery shopping . We got some superb large Spanish onions so I,m now going to prepare my lunch , cheese and onion sandwiches with a side salad of red pepper and cucumber salsa .
This is the site of Judit for the scissor fob--Http://foltmorzsak,


Tracey said...

I Hate waiting in for someone, I can't seem do anything useful either! I wonder why this is! X

Judit said...

Hi Kathleen, congratulations!!!!! Your scissors fob is wonderful!!!
Have a nice weekend!
Hugs: Judit

Scrappy quilter said...

Your scissor fob is wonderful. Like you I don't like waiting for someone to come in and fix anything. Maybe that's why I get hubby to do most everything. Have a wonderful weekend.