Tuesday 8 September 2009

Where has all the hours gone

I was up so early today, 5.30 , I got the day off to a good start. I took photo,s of dawn breaking , the sky was so beautiful , it was changing minute by minute ,I had a cup of tea and then did 3 hrs gardening, Then a neighbour popped in , long gossip, I was on the recieving end of a gift of a tin of biscuits and a box of fudge. By then it was time for lunch.
After lunch I was expecting my friend Silver sewer, we spent a lovely afternoon together,she also worked hard putting stuff on a hard drive off my laptop, she also put a header on my blog, it is a picture of a chest of drawers in my bedroom .

After Silver sewer left my neighbour called again , she had been shopping with her husband,she had previously ask did I want anything , yes, I needed creme fraiche for a cheesecake . Not only did she bring the creme fraiche but a bunch of roses as a pressy for me and a small cranberry glass vase .She said she had aquired the vase in an auction lot and didn,t like coloured glass . I am so lucky and grateful to have great friends and neighbours


Barb said...

What a wonderful friend....love the quilt you are showing

Scrappy quilter said...

Anne is such a wonderful friend. I love your new heading. And that quilt you have posted...beautiful.

Bunny said...

Sounds like you had an amazing day with a wonderful friend. How lucky you ar.

Jenny said...

Pretty blog, lovely picture, sounds like you have some good friends!

Searchfamilies said...

Sounds like you had a good day, love the quilt
Hugs Janice