Saturday 17 May 2014


Thank you for the kind comments on my last blog .
Yes I can magnify the writing but I cannot identify the keys on the keyboard .
I am losing central vision due to macular degeneration . I have been told my spectacles cannot  be changed , it would not make any difference .
I use to whizz away on my sewing  machine now I am much more cautious ..My sewing machine is raised higher , .
When I write I cannot see my writing .The good thing is I was told I will not go blind . So I'm grateful .  Everything is just foggy .
More toothpaste goes into the wash basin than goes on to the brush .  Stupid things really.
I have to be told what is on the menu when eating out .
I get confused by colour , pink and yellow look the same also blue and green . I'm not complaining just explaining.
Bye for now I'm going blog browsing .


Angela said...

I have a magnifier/lamp which clamps on the desk over my sewing table - it is an enormous help [not that my eyesight is too bad yet] I hope your new lamp is helpful.
Have you linked up with the Torch Trust over at Harborough ? - they provide so many useful things

Even if you cannot clearly see the smiles on your friends' faces, I hope you can hear the love and affection in their voices

Sunday blessings x

Barb said...

I know that must be frustrating but so glad you will not go blind. I have seen those clamp on magnifying fact we purchased one for a friend and she uses it for everything.

Piece by Piece said...

My Mother has the same condition, and has trouble just as you have explained. She gets quite frustrated but at 96yrs, if that is the only health issue, she is doing well.
Do you have an organization in England, which supplies aids for those who have sight issues. They might be able to recommend something to help.

margaret said...

you are being so positive, you know you are in our thoughts and prayers, such good news that you will not loose your sight completely, take care