Thursday 15 May 2014

Let Me Explain

I have not been writing my blog lately . Reason being I cannot see to write properly .
Last week I had my laptop cleaned ,at the same time I bought a cable enabling me to plug the laptop into the tv. It enlarges the picture but I still cannot read the writing .
Enough said there
My eye sight has worsened rapidly of late .

Perhaps you recall me writing my neighbour gave me a large ball of yarn , this is the waistcoat I knitted using the yarn I am so pleased I bought a ball of yarn in a different shade to knit a longer waistcoat .

I have been emptying the containers of winter pansies , I could not bear to throw these in the bin so I will enjoy them a little longer
I read blogs with the aid of a hand held magnifier . I shall leave comments here and there and a blog when I am able .
Today Bluebell and myself went to the quilt show at Malvern . The weather was sunny and lovely . We had a great time as usual .Sadly we both forgot to take our camera .
I bought a large floor standing lamp that has a light and a strong magnifying lens . I have yet to assemble it . Hopefully it will be a big help .
I also bought lovely woollen scotch tweed fabric and of course bag patterns also a long wedge ruler
I'm off now for a welcome coffee and a sit down to browse my purchases .


Marjorie said...

Your waistcoat is lovely. I am so sorry about your vision.

margaret said...

I am sorry to read abut your eye sight, it is something we take for granted until we are effected by it. I do nhope it does not get any worse.
I am off to malvern on saturday and will remember my camera will share some photos on my blog when I get home

Caz said...

Sorry that your eyesight is bad. Would have liked to have gone to Malvern,, but too much happening next month, so I need to save the pennies!!

Mac n' Janet said...

Sorry to hear about your eye problems, sometimes this getting older is just a pain. Love the little waistcoat.
I use a magnifying glass a lot, seems like print has gotten smaller on everything.
Have you tried enlarging the size of the print on your computer?

Elizabethd said...

Very sorry to hear about your vision.
What a nice waistcoat that is.

Barb Oaker said...

Cottonreel, In the lower right corner of your computer screen just above the date and time there is a way to adjust the size of the print on your screen. I have a plus and a down arrow. If I click the plus the size of the prints goes up and the down arrow decreases the size. Please see if this helps you. I had similar trouble until I learned about this feature.

Wonderful seeing you online. You are greatly missed. The waistcoat is lovely!