Thursday 22 May 2014

A Freebie

What a wonderful gift last night .! The rain bucketed down . No plants broken, but the ground was thoroughly saturated .  Better than all the tap water .I am so grateful .The borders look really lush today.  Also bowls that I had left hanging around contained about 2" of water so that other plants from the house had a treat too.
See the nest below?  I don't know what happened there   A Blackbird sat on the nest for longer than usual / The nest had been built in my bean sticks .
When I realised she had not been back for a few days I took it down .  I don't know if it ever had eggs in there but there were never any young or egg shells on the shed floor . A Magpie had been spending more time than usual in the garden . I have my suspicions .
Yesterday I went into town , I had a lovely morning . I had my eyebrows done . Met someone I had not seen for a long time. We had a long gossip . She was on her way to a zumba exercise class .  She begged me to join her but I declined .I don't have enough hours in the day.
I called at a Poundland shop Such a treasure trove . I bought my usual  brand of spray starch there for £1 . I pay a lot more in the supermarket.  I spent £6 in there. I called at M/S . I bought a £10 meal deal in there. A beautiful plump chicken , salad , panna cotta and a bottle of Rose' wine, a bargain .
It' raining again now but I don't mind .
The only negative happening yesterday was I lost the tv signal. The tv is still off so perhaps I shall have to get someone to look at the aerial .  Means I cannot see Clelsea today..


Elizabethd said...

I bought a £10 meal yesterday too!
Your garden is looking so colourful, aren't we glad of that rain?

Aunty Bee said...

The garden looks lovely. I love to get a bargain too. How awful to miss the show, sometimes we get a few seconds on the news and then later maybe a 1 hour highlights show.We have a beautiful few days 21c but snow is only a few days away.

margaret said...

the rain has certainly helped the garden, unfortunately also helped the weeds. The blackbird here was very noisy a couple of days ago, not sure where they have nested as we have so many hedges but the magpies were around, fingers crossed they did not get to the eggs.