Monday 30 December 2013

The Last Lap

Nearly at the end of the road we have travelled during 2013. The sad thing is I cannot recall that I have done anything different to what I have done other years .
I always look forward to the New Year but I do not make resolutions .Lot's of things pass trough my mind with the idea of change but that is about the stretch of my ambitions .
I always welcome friends into my home and enjoy their company .
Today is a bit of a no go day . Raining , windy and cold . I cannot say ,Ah well Spring is round the corner it's just a dream .
My day will be watching Mary Poppins on Tv this afternoon , a good filling lunch and sewing .
I have had a very enjoyable Christmas , I hope you can say the same .I hope the New Year is good for you and your family. Bless .
St Martin's Church Desford .


Piece by Piece said...

Did we not just welcome in 2013, where did the year go.
I can be thankful for many things in '13, my family were and still are healthy and happy. MY mum is still with us. I took a very exciting trip to Ireland.
I love the changing four seasons, accepting the weather they bring.
I plan on a quiet ringing in of 2014. Resolutions? I make the same one every year, to try and live a healthy life, eating nutritional food and keeping active in body and mind. As the years go by though this becomes a more important way of living.
Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014.

margaret said...

as you say the years pass and all seem the same! All the best to you and the family for 2014

Barb Oaker said...

Wishing you and your family everything that is good, happy, healthy and joyous in 2014.

Chris H said...

Oh look! A comment box!
I've completely forgotten what I was going to say now.
Have a lovely weeknd.