Sunday 22 December 2013

This week I have had family visit me . The home always feels a bit empty when they have gone home , miles and miles away .
I decided to use the lemons from the fridge to make lemon curd, It thickened well  .
I then decided to make some mincemeat . I bought 2 packs of dried fruit last week by mistake . It will be better used as mincemeat than getting dry in the packet . I gave it a slosh of Jack Daniels to perk it up . It smells good . I shall add butter instead of suet as Mary Berry suggested , probably some flaked almonds too .


Karen said...

I have only has lemon curd once and it was delicious. Never thought of making some.

margaret said...

Good to read the family had visited, I think I told you we are having our meal on 28th due to Helen`s shift work. Mince meat sounds delicious, afraid I have bought a few mince pies, lemon curd I have not had but like lemons so maybe it is time I bought a jar to try, as I get older sweet things are less appealing apart from chocolate and toffees!

Aunty Bee said...

I can almost smell the delicious looking mincemeat from here. Merry Christmas only 8 more hours to midnight here, and other than dipping the truffles in chocolate I'm ready.