Tuesday 17 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It sure is looking like Christmas in my house but outside the sky is blue and cloudless . Just how I like it .For the time of year the weather is amazing , not seasonal but I'm sure that is to come .
I've decorated my kitchen dresser with the red pots . Changed the curtains to the red gingham .

Two weeks ago I bought myself my Christmas pressy . I fell for two chairs .I am an impulse buyer but I do like them . I can hear my family sighing , more furniture !!

My Jade money plant is doing proud again by being in full flower ,lovely. It lives in the conservatory .

My new Christmas cacti plants have settled down by not dropping the buds but the second one must have been dropped at the garden centre because when I removed the plastic sleeve about a third of the plant fell off . Someone must have just put the loose bits back in to make it look o,k  plus one was labelled white . It is pink , I don't mind . The loose bits I have re,potted , they have two choices , grow , or !!!

This is the one that was labelled white .

I bought this picture as new for Christmas . I like it immensely and can see it being a regular for Christmas times to come.

This corner is the same all the year round but fits in nicely . It doesn't have to be changed .

My tree and cosy fireplace in the sitting room .

The dresser here will be the place for the special cards .I hope you enjoy my little scenario .
Bye for now , Best wishes for Christmas .


margaret said...

your home is looking lovely, good to see you have Christmas cactus, mine is still in bud but they should be open in time, must move it off my hardanger cloth as the flowers will stain it if they touch.

Chris H said...

Your home is gorgeous, I love the cacti, the picture, the dresser and well... all of it!

Barb Oaker said...

I always enjoy the holiday décor in your home. Your plants are lovely also and so beautiful in bloom. I quite love your new picture...perfect not just for Christmas, but for all of winter.
The curd looks divine!!!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy 2014. Barb