Wednesday 28 August 2013

Final 4

This is the last four pictures of the Indian quilts. I like art quilts and I liked the simplicity of the Indian quilts .
I have a problem with my Bernina machine . I had been doing free machine quilting . When I had finished the button to bring the teeth back up is jammed . I hate anything to go wrong with a machine . I could do with a fairy to blow some lucky dust .
I made my beetroot chutney. I added a bit of this and a little of that . It tastes o'k but I hope it keeps .


margaret said...

thast sounds bad with your bernina, hope you can get it fixed. I have had mine about 20 years but admit not using it for a long time as when I got it I broke a gear trying to do free machine embroidery costng me £100 to have repaired so reverted to my old janome but that finally died so now love the bernina, it sew such straight seams and just keeps going. Wonder about having it serviced but I feel if a thing is not broken don`t fix it!

Chris H said...

It's always a bother and a worry when one's machine jams or plays up.
I hope yours is easily fixed.

My Huskvarna has given me no end of trouble... I call her the 'LEMON'.

Chris H said...

I spelt Husqvarna wrong eh? lol