Tuesday 27 August 2013

Episode 2

I'm showing you 5 more of the Indian quilts from the Festival of Quilts on show at the NEC last month ..
For the story of these quilts please read my yesterday blog.I have more of these quilts to show you tomorrow.
Today I have been shopping with bluebell . She was out to choose curtain fabric for her new home , Harris Mansion .
She chose chintz , very pretty . There ensued much discussion and mental arithmetic but a choice was made after a lot of debate .
It started out to be a quiet day that turned a little hectic . I now have sewing on the ironing board . Beetroot on the draining board .I'm hoping to get around to making beetroot relish . I have read and re,read my cookery books , I cannot find one recipe in them for the needed recipe . I have found one on the internet but perhaps someone has a tried and tested recipe they could pass on .
I'm off now to bring some order to my kitchen
Bye , I hope you enjoy these beautiful quilts as much as I do .


Elizabethd said...

I put 'beetroot relish' in to Google and quite a lot of different recipes came up. It is something I've never tried...yet!

margaret said...

just ;popped in following your message via bluebell, will have a good look later. I missed the Indian quilts at the NEC, did not see half of what there was but plan to do either 2 or 3 days next year. Checked Mrs Beeton but no recipe in her old book either. Off to harrogate on saturday for a much smaller quilt show.

Barb Oaker said...

Thanks again for more posting more of the Indian quilts. They are so strikingly simple and beautiful at the same time.