Thursday 29 August 2013


About 2 hrs ,. ago I was stung by a wasp on the thick part of my thumb , it is still throbbing , even my thumb nail is painful . I rang bluebell to enquire what to put on it ( she was stung a couple of days ago ) . she was so kind saying  , that will teach you to garden without gloves on .

 My son spent a few days with me last week . He painted my kitchen dresser , and my kitchen , cleaned the fascia boards outside , and spread  a ton of pea gravel on my front garden to top up the exsisting lot , I have 1 wall blue , 1wall pale green and 2 walls yellow in the kitchen , it was previously all white . Thank you Peter .

I put vinegar on the wasp sting , I wish I had some chocolate to eat .

Bluebell took me to our machine man after we had been sewing . All fixed again now . Best sewing machine repair man in the business . Supreme sewing machines , Leicester . Thank you Steve


Jake's a Girl said...

You poor thing! I'm terrified of bees.
My mother-in-law says, Bleach is the best thing for stings. Dip a napkin in bleach and hold it on the sting. Hubby says it works, too.

Hope your thumb is muchly better.

Jake's a Girl

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

I hope you visit you and your new kitchen a week tomorrow if thats ok. We are getting the insulation topped up tomorrow....walls and attic, great joy, you know how much I love mess.

Pokey said...

Let us know if the vinegar helps, I'm sorry about the sting. Sounds like your kitchen will be a cheery greeting in the morning sun ~

Chris H said...

Your kitchen sounds lovely and colourful.
Vinegar is what we use for all stings.

cottonreel said...

Thank you one and all .
Yes Chris , I did put vinegar on after looking on the internet . It worked for a while, perhaps I need the bottle hooking up like when you are in hospital.
I can just hear bluebell saying , Such a wimp .

margaret said...

ouch, I know how that hurts but I over react and the sting swells massively. had to have my wedding ring cut off once as the finger swelled so quickly and also stung as a teenager whilst playing hockey, leg still slightly bigger than then other and I am now 66. Fortunately only been sting twice, this is the time of year when they are more likely to sting so be careful.
How good it must be to have a son to help with the decorating, if he is passing through Leeds I have a house that needs some doing!!