Wednesday 7 August 2013

All in the time available

I have not blogged for several days . Too much time spent on the upkeep of the garden . This time of the year if I miss a day there would be twice as much to do the next day .
In between the garden duties or in the evening I do get a little time to sew before I start nodding off .
this mariner's compass centrepiece is on the ironing board at present . It needs adjusting a little here and there but all in good time .

I'm also hand quilting this large bed quilt . It is very similar to others I have done in the same colours but I started this about 6 weeks ago . I managed to get enough quilting done to put the binding on . It makes it more comfortable to quilt when the sides are tidier . It has a 3 rows of 4 1/2 inch sqs,. down the sides .

As a little diversion I have made this small pictorial quilt as a no brainer . I like making these little bits of nonsense .

Bluebell and me have been making these little hats as a charity thing . They will be put on top of innocent smoothie bottles at Sainsbury's . I think the date is Sept,. !st . Sainsbury's will donate 25p to age concern for every bottle sold with a hat on. I believe Boots the chemist were the sponsers last year

I do look on my garden with satisfaction but it is hard work and time consuming not least another expensive hobby


Elizabethd said...

I will look out for bottles with hats on!
Your quilts are, as ever, beautiful.

Barb said...

Wow.....your compass is outstanding...and love the quilt...lots of fun things over there!

Aunty Bee said...

The quilts are gorgeous, especially the Dresden plate, lovely in pink.The Mariners Compass always looks so difficult, what a nice colour way you have chosen.Garden is looking great, it's time for me to start planting, spring is in the air, or at least I hope it is.