Wednesday 1 August 2012

Trying to commit

I said yesterday I would try to commit a bit more time to my blog so here goes .This is my Lavender hedge that has flowered really well again this year . I should be cut now if I want to keep the lavender but I always feel it's a sin to chop it . Other people get pleasure from it , I notice them stop and look as they are passing . I would feel guiltyso it will stay for the bees and passing folk to enjoy. It is about 10 foot long .

Bluebell went on her hols last week . She bought me gifts  .This beautiful china cup saucer and plate for display on my dresser . A lovely wool felted flower brooch , it looks really nice on my cream cotton jumper , and a tablet of hand made freesia soap .  I love receiving soap . One very happy lady here .

This is a cot quilt I made this last week for a neighbour . I might find I have it left on my hands . It has happened in the past.

And this is a shop quilt I fell in love with when spending a day in town last week . Pale grey and white . The strange thing is , I cannot bear the colour grey . I don't wear it . I don't paint furniture grey . Never have liked it .BUT perhaps I'm facing my demons , I fell in love with this quilt the moment I saw it . I'm not a fan of stripes either but this quilt has stripes too .
I have had days lately when I haven't felt very energetic . I noticed after eating anything with wheat I was very uncomfortable , so I have modified my intake and lo and behold my feet have stopped being swollen . I hope it is just a passing hiccup , I love sandwiches . I have also gone off tea drinking , normally  I drink a lot of tea . After a cup of tea I feel swamped with fluid so I have to leave that off . It cannot be the milk because I feel o'k after cereal and I have milk in coffee and thats o'k.  Pehaps I should ask the doctor for a allergy test .

Nothing else to report today , let's see what tomorrow brings


Unknown said...

I enjoyed your news, your hedge and your quilting, thanks for that - love Froogs xxx

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Your hedge looks gorgeous. Love the quilt too.

Elizabethd said...

Oh that grey lovely.
Maybe try gluten free bread and see if it makes a difference?

barb's creations said...

Love your lavender hedge,I wish I lived closer so I could walk pass it too :) Barb.

Chris H said...

The lavender bush is gorgeous, and so is that grey/white quilt!