Sunday 5 August 2012

I might get working on  this pile of colourful fabric today  There doesn't seem promise of sunshine so I'll make my own . I have in mind a snowball pattern , that way I can have big sqs,. with the corners as accent colour . Perhaps a little variation sq,. here and there . When I'm sitting in the conservatory and the sun don't shine I will have my own sunny colour . I spend all my spare time in this room mainly because of the good light .

I sat yesterday and finished off these 3 covers for the twins that will be arriving later . The fabric ones are approx 22 inches sq ,. I backed them with white fleece , no batting , blanket stitched the edges and then 1 row of d,crochet . I think just the right size for the little seat thingies . Should be easy to wash and dry . The crochet one is about twice that size . I was told a couple of weeks ago they were about 2 , 1/2 pounds each , so growing nicely . I have made bootees but have a feeling I have wasted my time there . When eyeing up other peoples babies they seem to be encased in an all in one garment , no feet showing plus when looking at baby clothes it seems to be proper little socks .

I like watching the tv programme ,One born every minute . I never cease to wonder that babies seem so active as soon as they are born . They open their eyes and although they cannot see seem to be very aware . When I had my babies it was the fashion to swaddle them in a blanket . Poor little things were bundled like a straight jacket , now they have striped suits on in strong colours with a matching hat . They look like little little escapees from Alcatraz . Fun though isn't it . I smile when I see them all togged up to go home . 

well! I've had 2 coffees , sat around blogging , done 2 rows on my crochet blanket , fed the birds  now I must shower and begin the day proper .


Caz said...

What cute baby quilts, and I love the blanket!!

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Love this tiny quilts so pretty, nice snuggly blanket too......

Chris H said...

That fabric is very pretty... and the baby quilts/blanket are just darling.
I thought babies could see at birth, just not too clearly for the first day or so.
In my family we still 'swaddle' infants... we are a bit old fashioned I think when it comes to babies!
My daughter just had a wee baby girl a few weeks ago and she swaddles her, sleeps her side to side and so on... she is taking after me!

Angela said...

Constantly amazed by the changes in baby fashions.
Swaddling was good enough for Mary in the stable, its good enough for me!