Monday 6 August 2012

All's Well That Ends Well

Bluebell came this morning for us to go shopping . As she came through the door , Hi , are you alright ? well yes and no I replied . Whats wrong now, she ask .
The thread broke on the overlocker and I cannot find 1 hook that the cotton should go through . Tut tut and more tutting  , let me look sez she with all the confidence of a solver of life's problems . This is a new machine so we are both on unfamiliar terrortory . I have had an overlock machine previously but this one is a super duper .  Bluebell tilted the specs on her nose and peered inside with all the confidence that the problem would be solved in the blink of an eye .
Then what does this do and how does that work , what is the number 1 bit .
after a short time , no joy . In the words of the song , things were getting nowhere , so we put plan B into action . Phoned Steve our machine man . We worship the ground he walks on . I told him the problem , and, can we come and see you . when sez he , today said I , what time sez he  , we will be leaving home in 10 minutes I told him .

He takes the machine out of the box , shows us where the missing link is , threads it up and bingo . Sorted in seconds . thats why we worship the ground he walks on .

So two happy ladies ,and a bag of 5 Sainsburys doughnuts in the shopping , more happiness . Oh! life can be so lovely sometimes .


Aunty Bee said...

It just shows men are useful for something. Love the quilt, it looks brilliant.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I think Steve should be given a gold medal (and maybe a doughnut?} for his efforts! :-)
Thinking of Blossom being 'over there' near you and Bluebell...maybe one day it will be me, and we'll finally catch up. xxx