Thursday 2 August 2012

a day when doing a lot but achieving little .The humdrum housework goes o'k but I have been trying to increase the flow of the pump in my fish pond . It has been getting lower all week . I have had the manual out , it explans what to do but I haven't had any luck so far . It seems the rubber gloves will be back on again tomorrow for plan B.
The roses are not from my garden , I should be so lucky . The weather we have had !!!  They were £3 from Aldi . makes one wonder is it worth the spraying and feeding to grow your own . I would say the garden is a 75% disaster this year .
I've sorted fabric for a Kaffe Fassett quilt and cut fleece to back 2 small cot quilts . I may just make a start on something after I have had coffee and 2 Jaffa cakes . The enthusiasm is like a damp squib . I did get to the post office to enlarge my pattern to 200% but up to now thats as far as I have progressed .
But I have blogged

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Chris H said...

I know how it feels to be doing 'stuff' all day ... yet feel like you got nothing done!
What's it like feeling like a 'damp squib' then! lol