Tuesday 3 July 2012

There has to be flowers

These beautiful Roses are from Aldi £3 . I buy at least one bunch of flowers a week .The colours of these roses are an absolute delight.

I was browsing the blogs yesterdayand looked at the site of Cheryl Goss . Her blog is http://willowberry.com she has lots of free patterns and tutorials .
I decided to make this thimble pip . It will make it easier to find my thimble in my very cluttered sewing bag .I now have plans for about 3 more , one for each thimble . It took about 2 hrs,. to make . There is a scissor keeper too . Just the project for sitting on a rainy afternoon .

What goes up just has to come down !!!!!   Bluebell and I went shopping yesterday . I remarked to bluebell something seems to be happening to my underwear .  I had put a pantie girdle on over my tights to make sure they stayed up . they were new tights , very shiny , and horror of horrors , the pantie girdle was slipping down . We stood and laughed till tears ran down our faces . We were in BHS , and the ladies cloakroom is up a long flight of stairs . By the time I got to the top the garment was at my knees .I really thought I would have to step out of it in full view of everyone


Aunty Bee said...

I can just imagine the picture, my mother was a great believer in wearing a girdle, even in her 80's and 90's. There were many a near toileting accident when out with her shopping, I still laugh when I think of them.

cottonreel said...

Bluebell and myself could not get up the stairs for being doubled up laughing

barb's creations said...

Oh my goodness,sounds like you had a very big emergency happening there LOL :) Barb.

Elizabethd said...

Oh my! What a situation to find yourself in!

Piece by Piece said...

You do have lots of fun when shopping, don't you.?
Years ago a fellow worker's elastic broke on her half slip and it fell down around her ankles while she was in the middle of the office, she just stepped out of it and when on her way. We all had a good laugh.