Saturday 14 July 2012

hello my blogging friends . It must be at last a week since I posted on my blog . Reason being , I get so far and my curser goes haywire and my blog disappears .At present I am being so careful and tiptoeing around the keyboard . I'm breathing very carefully and praying I don't sneeze .

The china cup , saucer and plate is a present from bluebell . It adds to my small collection . It's lovely .

I am able to browse around the blogs , sometimes it all disappears but I manage to retrieve . Something must be very touch sensitive .

I have joined pinterest . It's a wonderful site . Such a lot to see, very often there is a pattern to go with the picture .  It covers many, many subjects .There are pictures of amazing crochet , there is a search emblem top left hand , just put in anything you would like to see .

I'm off I have just had the curser doing it's own thing again . Drat!!!!!


DaisyChain said...

Also, a fan of Pinterest. It's sort of addictive. Hope your technical problems are resolved soon.

Elizabethd said...

It is so annoying when things dont go as you want them to, hope it recoers soon.
What a lovely cup and saucer. I'd love to see photos of your collection sometime.

Piece by Piece said...

Lovely cup and saucer. When I was married in 1960 I was given a "Cup & Saucer Shower", receiving some lovely pieces. My MIL's collection was also willed to me upon her passing, so I have quite a collection now.
Hope your technical difficulties right themselves soon.

Pokey said...

A pretty cup to add to the others I see here. Don't you hate computer troubles? Wish I had some advice to help ~

Chris H said...

I joined pinterest too, but I don't go there much as it's too addictive!
I could spend all day browsing!