Saturday 21 July 2012


I haven't been blogging but I have been busy doing other things .
The crochet is a blanket for cold nights to come . lots of pretty colours .

I think being as we have had such dire weather over the last couple of months I have compensated by using colour in my sewing . I made this bag using a product called Texture Magic . Fabric is sewn on then you use a steam iron hovering over the work and the whole thing shrivels up creating a very crinkled surface , A bit of fancy decoration on the seams gives it another dimension . I put a zip across the top . It really is a fun piece . I don't know when it will be used , perhaps at the next quilt show I visit . The picture below is the other side of the bag .

This picture is another little bit of colour It measures 9and 3/4 x 14 and 1/2 inches . Just a small wall hanging . I'm a big fan of  http://exhuberant colour . Wanda put a tutorial on her blog last week explaing how she makes these small hangings . They are raw edge and a fun way to use those bits in your stash bag not wide enough for a seam but too pretty to throw out .

I joined pinterest , it's a great place to look at the beautiful things other people create
Bye for now , I'll try to not be away so long in the future .


Aunty Bee said...

Love, love the bag, it's colours are beautiful. The wall hanging is all things bright and beautiful.

Angela said...

What a glorious riot of colour - a real antidote to the recent grey skies.

weekend blessings x

Piece by Piece said...

Love the bag, so colourful. Very interested in your wall hanging, will look at the web site you used.
By the way, nice to hear from you in blogland again.

Chris H said...

I totally LOVE all the bright colours!