Thursday 7 June 2012


I try to start my day in a calm and semi sleepy way ,sitting in the conservatory with my first cuppa of the day .I.m a very early riser this time of the year .
No sooner have I sat with my cuppa poised for the first sip , the birds are peeping through the window, a sign they are indicating the feeding station needs their breakfast putting out .
Off I go for breadcrumbs and biscuits , then I have to keep watch that the little birds and the blackbirds get their fill before the starlings and the pidgeons swoop .
By the time I sit down again my tea is luke warm , I cannot stand tepid tea . I,m off again now to make fresh tea . I will sit where the blinds haven't been pulled up .
The beautiful fish in my pic,. were stolen by a heron last year . That made me so sad . The new one's I bought are growing nicely and have a net cover .
Today, please, please let the sun shine . I don't think there is much hope we are forcast for a high wind battering .
I have started a new quilt so I shall be able to show the first three applique panels later today . In between doing that I'm knitting little garments for the twins that will be born late Autumn .
I had a lovely 3 days last week with family visiting.


Chris H said...

How lovely to sit and relax first thing in the morning!
My mornings are just go go go... until the kids are out the door to school!
I hope no bird gets your new fish.

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

What a wonderful way to start the day. Here on the farm in the morning I let the dogs out...turn on the computer...check my email...feed the dogs and head out to the chicken coop to 'release the hounds!' and make sure they and the barn cats have food and fresh water. I then head over to check on Shep our gentle giant's food and feed the horses etc. Hubby then arrives home from work (works nights) with coffee in hand and once he's tucked into bed...I get to sit and relax with my coffee. I know I could make my own coffee but hubby likes to bring me something in the mornings so I let him. Well I've babbled long enough...enjoy your day! Maura :)