Saturday 16 June 2012

happiness is a ROSE

I planted this rose last Autum . It is a climber called Pilgrims Choice . It is the prettiest lemon yellow , it has a delicate perfume . I don't usually cut my garden flowers but we are having such a lot of rain and strong winds I wanted the blooms indoors . Why let them be battered and broken outside . It isn't fit to walk in the garden . I think this will be one of my favourites .

I have been ask to be involved in two charity projects this month . The magazine article I am showing is not one of them but kind of related . The article I am showing is from Australian Patchwork &Quilting Jan,. 2006 . asking for quilts for orphaned children  . The project I have been asked to support is thus . A ship calls at African villages and performs operations on children

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Chris H said...

Your rose is lovely... it looks like an old fashioned rose!
The people who do those operations are just heros.