Wednesday 7 March 2012

Today, Tommorrow , Yesterday

Was yesterday another time another place , I have been to sleep since then so I'm not sure .

Yesterday the sky was azure blue , The sun shone like a midsummer day . I was up and active at 6 am .

I called at bluebells house to look at a quilt she kept telling me was uninspiring . Nothing uninspiring about it at all . It is lovely .

Do you fancy going to Ikea , she ask . Yes I did and off we went .

As I said the sun was shining . I had been looking for a new table and chairs for my garden . Lulled into a false sense of sitting in the sunshine enjoying a morning coffee I duly purchased a table and 2 chairs .

Oh! how we can be fooled . Today it is raining but I'll look out of the window and dream .

I had planned to get the patio cleaned . It will have to wait . I'm going to make cheese scones ready for when bluebell calls.

Who cares if the sun don't shine . If the sun hasn't got it's hat on . I wish it was shining though .

This pic,. I'm showing is from my holiday at christmas . It was taken from a jeep while in the Sahara Desert .


Sandies' Patch said...

I know what you mean LOL!
YUesterday I planted a Rowan tree sapling in the front garden, it took me ages to do, with my shoulder and lack of fitness!
I watered it, put a cane in for initial support, stood back and admired my work and the lovely little tree. Overnight it started to rain and it's quite cool too.
Yesterday I had my lunch outside it was so Summer like. I even sat crocheting a shopper bag out of my Sisters' cut up nighties!
Well, today is all about inside the house.

I hope you get to enjoy your table and chairs outdoors soon!

Sandie xx

Elizabethd said...

For one moment I thought you were posting from the Sahara!