Wednesday 8 February 2012


I cannot remember where these beautiful owls came from ,( I will credit you with owning them if you get in touch) but aren't they the cutist wearing their blue scarves ? It is so cold here in England .

My washing was freezing in the basket as I pegged it out . It does feel so fresh after being out on a frosty day .

I am also telling you if you click on the shabby fabric button below there is a free B,O,M . There are 2 blocks you could print off . Perhaps you would only want one for a cushion or T, cosy . Take a look .

I also found the easiest crochet pattern yet for making a chevron blanket on Attic 24 It is by crochet mummy a Yorkshire lass . Just the project for snuggling down in the chair with .

The Blackbird is still zealously guarding his daily dish of food and water . He nips in and out of the border checking it . I think I will have to watch his antics more often and make a lap quilt in his honour .


Piece by Piece said...

Those owls are the cutiest things.
Keep warm.

Chris H said...

Sounds VERY cold where you are!
Super cute owls too.