Wednesday 27 July 2011

Sweet Memories

I've been really working hard in the garden from 5.30, It was 9 o,clock when I came in .

I had the perfect antidote , My greek music CDs and coca cola .

Coca cola gives me more energy than anything else .I shall probably be up till about 2 in the morning but it doesn't matter , I don't have to get up early .

The first picture is the Marina in Larnaca . This one is the village of Oroklini

This is also Oroklini

And this is the beautiful church of St Lazarus in Larnaca .

I don't have a holiday planned this year so what better than my greek music and memorable photographs.


MyCretanlife said...

Yes you can go on holiday in your mind. Lovely pictures and nice music. Hope you had a nice time remembering.

Piece by Piece said...

Lovely photo's, I often look at mine and relive a vacation.
Coke Cola, I hate it, not much of a soft drink lover. I don't know how anyone can drink, Root Beer, it tastes like the worst medicine I could ever imagin.