Saturday 9 July 2011


My son recently went on a carribean cruise , he and Alison bought me a gift from each island they stopped at . This is one of the gifts , I love it . I really ought to hang it on the door and wipe off the red cross that says plaque and fever here , enter at your own risk .

To make sure I stay scurvy free today I have eaten for my lunch

Fresh garden peas raw ( £1.50 a 500 gr,. bag --Co.op

Grated raw carrot

Cucumber with yoghurt and garlic and lemon made into tzaziki

Fresh salad and spinach leaves from my garden as salad

Cheese and onion quiche £1 from the Co.op

My follow up is a medley of fresh fruit , 3 boxes of your choice £3 .

Can't be bad , no cooking , just the oven to warm the quiche .

Hope I don't sneeze my halo will slip .


Jane said...

No scurvy eh? You BRAGGART! :)


MyCretanlife said...

Definetley no scurvey at your place. Don't you do yourself proud. I am picking courgettes and cucumbers from our garden. Need to get eating them quickly as they will soon over run us.